Why Become a Sugar Daddy?

Should I Become a Sugar Daddy?
Picture this: It's 9:00 pm. You're still in your office because you just wrapped up a conference call that lasted more than three hours. Yeah, you should be ecstatic that the call resulted in a huge victory. You just roped in a big client. A client so big that you might end up being considered for a VP position. But right now the only thing you want to do is relax. You're tired, mentally drained and physically exhausted.

And then she walks in. Your dream girl. And she's hot. But more than that, she's perfect. Everything about her is a dream come true: she's beautiful and smart. Her body feels like warm satin, sensuously smooth, impossibly soft. The scent of her skin, her curves in all the right places, and even the way she smiles gives you palpitations. Here comes the good part: she's not showing up to make demands on your time. No. She's there to cater to your needs, celebrate your victory and to lay in your arms. Suddenly, you're not so tired anymore.

She's the perfect woman, the perfect companion: Your sugar baby.

You might be thinking to yourself, but perfection comes with a price, right? Of course it does. But with your deep pockets, it's a price you can afford and an investment you should be willing to make. Because being a sugar daddy is just that, an investment---an investment that will undoubtedly pay off.

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No Commitment or Monotony

Perks of a Sugar Daddy
Here's what the average man hears on nearly a daily basis: “Take out the trash. Clean the garage. Pick up the kids.” Rinse and repeat---The same words, the same actions, the same expectations for most of your adult life until you die. Does that sound like a good time to you? Skip the humdrum existence that is the average relationship and instead make a sugar baby your companion.

Dating a sugar baby allows you the chance to be with the woman of your dreams without having to worry about the mundane stuff or emotional entanglements that come with most relationships. Imagine a life with no emotional blackmail from your significant other, no dinners with the in-laws, no trick questions about whether or not she looks fat in a dress.

A relationship with a sugar baby has clear expectations and predetermined roles. There are no hidden agendas. There are no emotional hang-ups. It may sound cold, but it's not. It's dating with all the classic rules thrown out.

perks of a sugar daddy

More Fun Than Traditional Dating

A Relationship Really On Your Terms
You're nervous. Your palms might even be sweaty. You don't know if she'll like you or if you'll even like her. Is your suit too tight? Did you wear the right cologne? None of that matters when you're going to see your sugar baby.

There's no need to be nervous. You know what to expect. She knows what to expect. Unlike traditional dating, dating sugar babies isn't a trial and error process until you find THE one. Yes, you have to make sure you and your sugar baby are the right fit, but it's not like a job interview which traditional dating can mimic. Your dates with a sugar baby should be light and fun. No commitment, no promises, no pressure, just a good time.

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Increase Your Confidence

Dating a sugar baby will make you feel like you have it all. In some circles, it's the epitome of success. It'll make you happier and more confident when you walk into a function with a sugar baby on your arm. People will look at you with respect and a touch of envy. In short, they will want to be you.

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Become a Successful Sugar Daddy
Being financially generous is rewarding for the giver as well as the receiver. Seeing her gratitude when you shower her with compliments and gifts will make you feel good about yourself. Knowing that you're helping her start her career, pay off her loans or fund a lifestyle that she's comfortable with is rewarding in itself. Not that she's a charity case, far from it, but being in a relationship where the other person is always grateful for your presence and happy to be around you is a great self-esteem boost. You'll find yourself delighted by her reactions to your many presents and more than willing to continue showering her with gifts.

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They Want You

3M+ Sugar Babies Want Sugar Daddies
The difference between being a sugar daddy and just a regular guy on your average internet dating site is that attractive women will flock to you on sugar daddy sites. On average, for every one sugar daddy there are four sugar babies that will be interested in you. You read that right: four hot, no strings attached women dying for your attention. Conventional dating sites don't yield anywhere near that number.

With a certain degree of power and success comes the realization that you don't have to settle for mediocrity. You don't have to settle at all. If you want the best, get out there and get it. She's waiting for you: Your sugar baby.

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