Success Stories of Sugar Daddies 1-5

  • Casual Relationship #Other
    We are in a casual relationship which we are both enjoying and we are both getting want we want from the relationship. we met on this site and are both happy to be removed from the site. Thank you.
  • dating #Dating
    i made my account and found what i was looking for thank you very much for your service he i sjust what i was looking for just dating at the moment hopefully everything goes to plan if not i will be back haha
  • Thanks #Dating
    Found the perfect girl on this site. This site was truly awesome at matching people together. Good luck to others at finding what they want or need from here. Thanks again
  • Friends #Other
    i met someone I’d like to be friends with, they seem lovely, we get along well and we have a fair few things in common I’m happy I found someone on this website and I hope others get the same outcome
  • Nothing #Dating
    Not needed for this service any longer not for now. no longer needed for this site no need as we are done needing this site for now maybe later we. will try to things go

Success Stories of Sugar Daddies 6-10

  • Thank you, SD Meet! #Dating
    Could not be happier. My SB has moved in with me and so much more than just a SD to SB relationship. Despite the age, which IS a very wide gap, we continue to build for the future and make each other happy. Was not looking for a relationship, which was the main reason for being on a site such as this, but very pleasantly surprised that it developed nto one. Who could ask for more??
  • Happy #Dating
    I’ve been fortunate enough to have Found the one I love. She's everything I ever dreamed of Thank you Sugar daddy meet. Would recommend this site to any person wanting a genuine connection.
  • Congratulations to us #Dating
    We connected online through Sugar Daddy Meet , I flew her in and she is staying with me now and we plan to move forward with our relationship. She is what I was looking for and I am giving her the financial security that she wants.
  • Hello #Dating
    I found the love of my life , thank you Sugar daddy meet took a lot time and effort but I found her. Even though there is a lot scam and fake pictures
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