How do you become a secret sugar baby/daddy?

Become a Sugar Baby/Daddy at first

The sugar life is never boring. Ask anyone in the sugar world and they'll tell you that it's a fun and exciting lifestyle. Part of the excitement associated with the sugar daddy lifestyle comes from the fact that it's normally a break from your “real life.” Being a sugar daddy or sugar baby is like being part of a fantasy world. It can also be compared to being part of an elite club. Many people want to get in and experience it, but only a fortunate few ever do.

It feels great to live a fantasy life that most people can only dream of. So great, in fact, that you might be tempted to share details about your sugar life with others. Or you might be tempted to allow your sugar life and real life to become one. After all, what could go wrong? Before you take that leap, there are a few things you should consider.

Reasons Why to be a Secret Sugar Baby / Daddy

We get it. You're having fun. All your fantasies are coming true. In fact, you're having such a great time that you don't see any harm in integrating aspects of your sugar life with your real life.

But here's the thing, because only a chosen few ever experience the sugar life, not many people understand the sugar daddy lifestyle. As a result, people outside your sugar daddy relationship will make certain assumptions about it. These assumptions range from the belief that the sugar life is all glamour to the assumption that the sugar life is somehow predatory and amoral. You will have acquaintances or family members who won't understand that like with everything, nothing is black and white–the sugar life, as you know, has many shades of gray. But it's because of these polarizing opinions, that are largely misconceptions, that you should become a secret sugar baby / daddy – keep your sugar life separate from your real life.

You wouldn't want someone judging you or damaging your reputation on a misconception. For sugar daddies, that misconception could be that you're paying someone to be in a relationship with you. For sugar babies, that misconception can be that you're dating someone for financial gain. As a sugar daddy or sugar baby, you know these misconceptions aren't true. (And even if they are true for your particular situation, it's no one's business but your own!)

Not only that, these misconceptions can be harmful if others around you truly believe them to be fact rather than rumor. These misconceptions could cause you problems at work, in your family, or even with your friends.

This isn't to say that everyone you encounter will be judgmental and negative about your sugar status, but to ensure no one has an opportunity to judge you based on your role in the sugar realm, it's in your best interest to be discreet.

How to Keep Your Sugar Life Separate from Your “Real Life”

So how can you keep your sugar life separate from your real life? First of all, try to keep your social interactions with your friends and family separate from your public interactions with your sugar daddy or sugar baby. In general, you want to keep your social spheres completely separate. For example, if you're going out for drinks with your friends or cocktail hour with your work colleagues, don't invite your sugar baby or sugar daddy. Of course, you shouldn't be ashamed of your sugar daddy lifestyle, but explaining a sugar daddy relationship to those who are either unfamiliar with the sugar daddy lifestyle or wary of it, will draw prying questions and cause awkward moments. And even though it's no one's business but your own, by inviting your sugar significant other to be around your friends and colleagues, you're opening your sugar daddy relationship up to public scrutiny.

Along those same lines, try not to talk about your sugar life too often. More importantly, don't boast about your sugar life. If you're a sugar baby, don't talk about your fabulous vacations or all the monetary gifts your sugar daddy has bestowed on you. If you're a sugar daddy, don't keep a picture of your sugar baby on your work desk or boast to your work colleagues about how young she is. Remember: The more you tell people about your sugar life, the more likely it is that you'll be judged harshly by those around you.

As an extra precaution, it is best for sugar babies and sugar daddies to meet in places that neither of your friends or family frequent. You might be tempted to take your sugar baby or sugar parent to your favorite restaurant, but if you're well-known there it might cause unwanted questions or a relationship you wanted to keep private might end up very public.

It is also a good idea to not visit each other at your main places of residence. Why? Well, for one, most people entertain their family and friends at their home. It would be awkward if your sugar daddy popped up on a Sunday afternoon to surprise you only to find your conservative mother and father there who take one look at your sugar daddy and start to question exactly what your relationship is. Or on the other side of the equation, as a sugar parent it might be awkward to have your sugar baby show up at your front door wearing nothing but a tiny bikini when you're hosting a work get-together at your home.

When Your Sugar Life Crosses Paths with Your “Real Life”

We get it; sometimes despite your best intentions, your real life and sugar life will cross paths. So, what should you do if your real-life crosses paths with your sugar life?

If you do find yourself in a situation where your sugar life collides with your real life, you have two options: tell the truth or part of the truth.

If you're going to admit that the sugar relationship exists then do it with confidence. Be direct with your family or friends if they run into you while you're spending time with your sugar baby or sugar daddy. However, don't feel pressured to answer any uncomfortable questions or go into depth about your relationship.

Then there's the partial truth. If, for example, you find yourself at an event where you run into your grandparents' best friends while with your sugar daddy, don't panic. Either present the person as your boyfriend or as a close friend. Don't answer any questions about your relationship and try to discreetly get out of the conversation (or room!).

For sugar daddies, if you find out the hard way that your sugar baby and your daughter, for example, happen to hang out in the same coffee shop, just remain calm and downplay your relationship with your sugar baby.

It's ultimately up to you to decide whether or not to keep your sugar relationship private and separate from your real life. Just remember that being discrete about your sugar life isn't the same as hiding it. You can embrace your sugar lifestyle while practicing discretion. And by being discreet, you're free to enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship without worrying about the opinions or judgement of others close to you.


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