Success Stories of Sugar Babies 1-5

  • Found someone #Other
    I was skeptical , but I found a wonderful sweet gentleman! I am very happy with who I have met! I know we will be very happy together. I am happy I made an account with sugar daddy meet!
  • Excited #Other
    We met on the site and bonded instantly and continue to do so! So glad we found each other even if through unusual circumstances! Thank you for helping us connect with each other!
  • I dont want to share. #Dating
    I don’t want to share. It is personal. thank you for helping us meet. I dont like you are requiring this to allow me to delete my account. Consider changing this.
  • Nj #Other
    I am a college student and I needed help so I went to sugar daddy meet and found a guy within 24 hours now I'm getting paid. I would recommend this sit if you need help.
  • 🙂 #Other
    I like the site. I met my friend, we are dating. So i hope everyone have an good expierience like me. I really want to get engaged with him. Hopefully get married and have some really cute and small babies.

Success Stories of Sugar Babies 6-10

  • Dating #Other
    We met at a restaurant and are dating. I have enjoyed the experience of finding someone new but now I have and it’s going well. We met at a restaurant near my area, we both live near each other so that worked out well.
  • dating #Dating
    we are dating now thank you i can’t believe you have to write an essay to leave this site so here are some boring words to get me to be able to sign out
  • no #Other
    fun in the sun sex in the spa. holidays and money, he is fun and adventurous and we fit each others profile needs to a t . the world is an amazing place ice cream is good and i love our dog and cat and car and house and plant pot

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